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Electralube Light Bulb Lubricant - Regular Size

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Quick Overview

  • NEW Non-Toxic Formula! Lubricates to protect against corrosion, moisture & broken light bulbs!

  • Electralube maintains long term conductivity for your electrical connections.

  • Light bulbs benefit greatly, allowing installation and replacement to be carried out with ease.

  • Electralube is super convenient when up on ladders or working in crawl spaces.

  • 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - 1 Year Warranty by Electralube, Inc.

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    Electralube Lubricants NEW Non-Toxic Formula! Solves the CFL Broken Bulbs "Nightmare"!

    The "curly" Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL's) contain dangerous mercury and are a serious hazard to clean up when broken. Electralube prevents corrosion to the light bulb threads and light sockets so they no longer lock up. Installation and removal of old bulbs becomes a breeze with no more glass separation from the base. Electrical plugs ease into and out of plug receptacles, and household batteries are less prone to corrosion in their compartments. This solves many a problem, especially preventing the broken light bulb!

    Ingredients: A Specially Formulated Mineral Oil.
    The Electralube lubricant is a nonflammable, non-toxic food grade specially formulated mineral oil that is rendered during a specialized distilling process, creating the perfect consistency to lubricate electrical connections to protect and prevent corrosion.


    • Non-toxic food grade specially formulated , non-flammable, non-flash electrical lubricant.
    • Protects your electrical equipment against the effects of moisture and corrosion.
    • Electralube promotes long-term conductivity for electrical connections.
    • Superior in convenience when up on a ladder.
    • Flip-top lid is attached to the container so you won't drop or lose it.
    • Perfect for storage and travel as the flip-top lid creates a secure air-tight fit.
    • Fits in the palm of your hand ~ A go anywhere product.
    • Light bulbs benefit greatly! Installation and replacement is a breeze.
    • Each container handles 200+ bulbs, easy.
    • Patented design keeps your hands clean and non-greasy.
    • 1 Year warranty by Electralube, Inc.

    No More Broken Bulbs! Get Electralube Today!

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