Electralube Light Bulb Lubricant and Electrical Connector Dielectric Grease


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Household & Industrial Non-Toxic Electralube Lubricant

Electralube it is absolutely best when it comes to light bulbs, but there are many more uses to prevent corrosion and lubricate electrical connections. Think of all the bulbs, products and equipment we use on a daily basis indoor/outdoor for the household and on the job. Its amazing how much we screw in, plug in and power up, daily!

It's a Must Have for: Households, Hospitals, Schools, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Restaurants, Hotels, Government & Military Facilities, Parks & Recreation Areas, any facility with lighting.

Light Bulbs - Incandescent Bulbs (Regular), Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) (Curly), Fluorescent Tubes, Flood Lights, Grow Lights, Street Lights, Lanterns, and all the large and small bulbs utilized inside and outside. Water is usually the biggest culprit to allowing corrosion to form in the socket and wow, it becomes difficult to remove the bulb without breakage.

Plug Prongs - The toaster, Extension Cord, Power Drill, Vacuum, Hair Dryer, Electric Toothbrush, Patio Lights, Electric Grill, Heated Birdbath, Outside Extension Cords, Porch Lamps, and many many more appliances and equipment used inside and outside the home, at work, on the job, everywhere we go.

Household Batteries - Alkaline Batteries – AA, AAA, C & D and all the batteries we use to keep our devices juiced up.

One big danger looms around us and gains strength daily is the CURLY Light Bulb that is almost impossible to escape. This is a new threat to us all because if they break they are terribly hazardous! The clean up on one of those compact fluorescent light bulbs or as they call them CFL’s is major because whats inside the bulb is highly toxic.

Electralube helps to solve the problem of breakage with these bulbs because it will prevent corrosion and when there is no corrosion in the light socket the bulbs slide and glide right out, smooth and easy. If there is corrosion they stick and they won’t budge so you have to work to get them out and this is when the problems occur and either the base separated from the bulb or the glass just shatters. Either way, there is a toxic fume you don’t want to breath and you’ve got to get the glass cleaned up fast as it’s lined with this nasty substance.

Electralube makes your life a little easier knowing when you go to change that Curly bulb in like 5 years (they really can last that long or longer) and that it will not have corroded in the socket, so it slides out easy and smooth as silk.

The electralube lubricant is a non-toxic oil that is rendered during a specialized distilling process, creating the perfect consistency to lubricate mechanical devices used for food preparation, as well as all types of electrical connections to protect and prevent corrosion.

Electralube is Specially Designed in TWO (2) Different Sizes for Specific Utilization Conditions

Standard Sized Electralube: Regular” sized light bulb threads, plug prongs, household batteries and the like.

Industrial Size Electralube: Mogul Base Bulbs (1.5″): for the Flood Lights, Street Lights, Parking Lot Lights, Larger Lanterns, Mercury Vapor Lights, Hydroponic Grow Lighting (sodium vapor lighting) and all the larger bulbs with the mogul base.

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